Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hi everybody!

It is time to finally introduce ourselves.
We are from the school number 65 in Poznań. Last year we moved to a totally new building, so now we are learning in better conditions. Our school is really big, there are about 750 students. Each classroom is equipped with an interactive board. Moreover, in a language department, we have got special headphones for every pupil to improve our pronunciation skills. Our school has got a very big sport hall, where we take part in and win a lot of tournaments, especially in volleyball and football.
We organize a lot of different competitions among students and classes. Sometimes our teachers take part in them. We also take part in different projects, but this year Comenius is our favorite.
Our teachers are friendly and open to our, sometimes crazy ideas, but we get along with each other.
So that’s for now. We hope that, this blog will be a great chance to get to know each other better. We are waiting for you.

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