I have really enjoyed taking part in the Comenius project. It enabled me to meet some very interesting people that I hope to keep in touch with. The project gave me the chance to see, that although we all have different cultures, we’re all very similar in day-to-day life! I hope that our school will organize projects of this type in the future, so that the younger students can also get the chance to make foreign friends.
Dominika Gołębiewska kl. II a
I can’t write what was the best in this journey because everything was perfect. But if I have to choose one thing then it will be the evening meetings. Nearly every evening and night we met together to play games or talk. It was fantastic! I really liked it. And the best thing from the program was dancing traditional German dance. I am glad that I had an opportunity to meet you guys! See you!
Natalia Krzyżaniak kl. II a
It was the best trip in my life. I had a pleasure of meeting very good and interesting people from different countries. The family of my host was “my family”, too. At home, there was a very warm atmosphere and all the people in Germany were very nice. I will meet my friends again and their families.
Franek Kolenda kl. II a
On 20th March we arrived in group of 10 people to the last Comenius meeting in Lubeck. We have travelled by train from Poznan to Szczecin and from Szczecin to Lubeck. Everyone was excited to see each other. We have visited , for example, Berlin and Hamburg. It was one of the best weeks, we’ve enjoyed it a lot. The best thing was that we could practice our English, meet these awesome people and spend this time in an amazing atmosphere.
Daniel Rudkowski kl. II a
For me journey to Lubeck was full of surprises. First of all, I haven’t thought that German culture can be so different from ours, even though these both countries are very close on the map. This made the exchange much more interesting. Another thing that I really liked were of course people I met there, because the time I spent with them was absolutely amazing and it will be never forgotten. If I ever have a chance to participate in a project like this, there is no doubt I will .
Justyna Wrzaskała kl. II a
The thing I like the most about the visit to Lubeck were the friendships that we have made. I hope they will last for a long time. We had a great time with all Comenius partners even after the educational plan. I also like that at the departure dinner some students performed break-dance. I liked it because the topic of the project is “My art is your art”, and they have shown us what are their hobbies.
Alicja Jarentowska  kl. II a

These are our memories from our trip to Spain
I spent wonderful time in Spain. I met a lot of great people and I hope that we will stay in touch. I saw many beautiful places and ate delicious food. I really want to come back to Spain.
Julia Dembińska
I spent amazing time in Spain. I met a lot of great people and saw beautiful places. My favorite is Murcia and the time, which I spent there. I was surprised by the Spanish lifestyle which is very different from ours. I miss the warm Spanish weather and especially I miss people, who I met there. I want to come back to Spain!
Natalia Lewadowska
Comenius trip was great for me. I met a lot of interesting people and the Spanish cuisine was also great. The most important thing for me was the atmosphere. I saw a lot of beautiful places and I loved the Spanish climate. I love Comenius and I want to take part in more Projects like this.
Hubert Olszak
Spain is an amazing country which hides an interesting culture and history. Living with a Spanish family I got to know Spanish customs and I tasted local food. Their hospitality and openness surprised me in a very positive way. School in Los Alcazares entertained us greatly and organized a tour of interesting places such as the city of Murcia and the castle in Jumilla. The nature of the region of Murcia is beautiful. The palm trees in the streets and vast citrus plantations impressed me very much. Trip to Spain was one of the most exciting adventures of my life.
Ola Buśkiewicz
Our version of Comenius Song
In Poland we have a lot of similar traditions as everybody else, however, some of them are only typically Polish. For us, Christmas time starts in December, all the way through December people gather at church for the morning mass. On the 24th of December when the first star appears in the sky, we meet around the Christmas table covered with a white tablecloth and hay is speard on it. There is always an empty plate left for an unexpected quest. Moreover, there are twelve dishes on the table, all of them are mostly meatless our favourtie dishes are red borsch, pies or sour cabbage with mushrooms, fish (usually carp) and of course poppy-seed cake or a gingerbread. Before we start eating the whole family shares the holy wafer, we also read a part from the Holy Bibile about birth of Jesus Christ. Then we sit and eat. After supper, there is a custom of giving presents, which you can find under the Christmas tree. At midnight many people go to church for a special mass during which we sing Christmas carols. They are very tradtional songs mostly in the Christmas spirit. The next two days are also the time of Christmas holidays. We don’t work or go to school. This is the time for family meetings, we vistis one another, spend a lot of time at the table; eating, talking and singing carols. After Christmas, children don’t go to school, they come back to it after New Year’s Day. They have some time for meeting with friends and if there is snow in our counrty, at that time, they can have some fun on it, too.
So this is Christmas in Poland.
We wish you Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
Greeting from Poland to all of our Comenius Friends.
Hi Everybody!!
Let us tell you something about All Saints Day. It’s our traditional holiday which is celebrated on the 1st November. On this day we don’t go to school but we go to cemeteries instead. We pray, light candles and bring flowers on tombstones. It a day when we commemorate people who are no longer with us.
On the 1st November everyone has a day off from work, so it is a great chance to meet with relatives and friends. Each family celebrates it differently, however, in most of the cases, first, we go to the cemeteries and then we meet at the dinner table.
Here are some photos of the Polish graveyards during All Saints Day.

Written by 2a class.
It is time to finally introduce ourselves.
We are from the school number 65 in Poznań. Last year we moved to a totally new building, so now we are learning in better conditions. Our school is really big, there are about 750 students. Each classroom is equipped with an interactive board. Moreover, in a language department, we have got special headphones for every pupil to improve our pronunciation skills. Our school has got a very big sport hall, where we take part in and win a lot of tournaments, especially in volleyball and football.
We organize a lot of different competitions among students and classes. Sometimes our teachers take part in them. We also take part in different projects, but this year Comenius is our favorite.
Our teachers are friendly and open to our, sometimes crazy ideas, but we get along with each other.
So that’s for now. We hope that, this blog will be a great chance to get to know each other better. We are waiting for you.

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